Worship & Music

When the Faith Community gathers for worship of any kind, there are three basic components which in concert  enhance the experience of being in the presence of God. These are scripture, music and prayer. Aligned with scripture is the sermon which reflects both the support and challenge given to us by the text.


Music is vital in our celebrations and reflective moments in worship. Prayer is woven throughout our gatherings offered by the community and also our worship leaders. It is the voicing of our praise and our concerns followed by silence which allow us the opportunity to listen for God’s response to each of us.


Our Music Groups


The Choir sings on a regular basis and is comprised of all levels of singers/musicians.  Building community through music is the primary focus, as well as lending excellent music to the worship services.


The Bells are a beautiful addition to the monthly worship.  All ages are welcome to attend this weekly practice.  The group is lively, creative, and enjoyable.  Easy, as well as challenging music  is crafted to provide a joyful sound.


Our Worship Philosophy


Music is vital in our celebrations and reflective moments in worship.  Christ Congregational as been known widely for its extensive music program.  More recently, our focus has been on an Emerging Worship approach.  Contemporary blends with Traditional, both in music selections and musical instrumentation.  A Gospel that reaches out to multiple generations through centuries demands a musical presentation that continues to shift so that it is relevant in an ever changing world.