Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey for each of us is as different as our personalities. There are periods of both great joy and sorrow. Basically it is the events of our lives seen through the framework of our relationship with God and all of the people we meet along the path. Christianity is a relational spirituality and we are encouraged to find companions as we make our way through this life.

It is not living in isolation but rather engaging those around us to explore the fullness of this life given to us that will bring us unbounded joy. We here at Christ Congregational come from all walks of life but what we share is a love for the God who created us and a deep abiding love for one another and the challenges we face daily.

This community cares for one another and those God brings to us through compassion in all of its forms. As the apostle Paul writes, “We are all members of one body and we all belong to one another.”